Revisions to the LP Home Page Layout


Homepage Revisions – May 19, 2009 (annotated)

In an effort to increase the usability and highlight the user-interactivity features of Libertarian Papers, we have made some changes to the home page:

  • Content is now organized by section.
  • RSS and iTunes icons appear next to their respective section headers for increased prominence.
  • Content lists appear in a more compact summary format.
  • All content is more prominently “dated for freshness.”
  • In addition to linked section headers, tabs at the end of each section alert the reader to additional content.
  • The “Latest Comments” section has been added to make this particular user-interactivity feature more prominent. Hopefully this will encourage more frequent discussion of the articles contained on this site.
    • Clicking on a commenter’s screen name will lead the reader directly to the contributed comment.
    • Clicking on a title in this section will lead the reader to the article, podcast or news item.

See the accompanying full-size annotated screenshot (PNG, ~179KB) to see the above decsription of the revisions in context.

We hope that this revision proves beneficial to all existing and future readers. Please let us know of any display issues by using the comment box below.