Reader Input Sought Regarding Print and Ebook Versions

As discussed previously (see Libertarian Papers, Vol. 3, Part 1 Now Available in Print and Ebook), we recently decided to start offering Paper and Ebook Versions of Libertarian Papers articles, by occasionally collecting them into Parts (like issues) and offered for sale in print versions and epub versions on the major epub retailers. We did this in part in response to several requests by readers over the last couple years to prepare paper versions.

So far, sales for the ebook versions on Kindle, Nook, etc., are pretty low, and, while paper sales are a bit higher, those are pretty low as well. At present the cost to prepare the epub and Createspace files, plus the ebook-aggregator service (Bookbaby) and Createspace fees is probably too high to be recouped by sales. I’d like to gauge reader interest in both the ebook, and paper, versions, to determine how to proceed going forward (although the sales are already telling me something).

What we will probably do, going forward, at least for now, is publish paper versions only, since the majority of the cost per issue lies in the epub preparation fees and the Bookbaby fees. The costs for preparing the Createspace file and its fees are much lower, and might make this sustainable going forward.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or email me.