Libertarian Papers Included in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory

Although Libertarian Papers was launched just 30 hours ago, I was notified this morning that we have already succeeded in being included in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory (as noted on our About page). We are also in the process of being included in various other indexing services, including Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities. This is significant because our being listed in various indexing/abstracting services, along with being peer reviewed, helps young academics have their publications with us count for purposes of tenure and promotion.

In addition, because of the way research funding works in some countries, such as the UK, some academics need to be able to cite material published with an ISSN (one UK scholar informs me that “the government’s ‘research assessment exercise’ uses bibliometrics that reference the ISSN numbers”). Accordingly, we have also applied for an ISSN, and should have it in a few weeks. And we are looking for ways to partner with SSRN, as well.