Kindle Versions of Articles Now Available

All articles published to date now have Kindle versions availble–just click on the Go to Amazon's Kindle Edition of this article link shown for each article. We set the price on these as low as Amazon permits. We also provide a .DOC version of each article which you can send directly to your own Kindle, for a lower charge, although user reports indicate the uploaded version has better formatting.

We will soon provide audio versions of our articles and an accompanying podcast feed, and a print volume for those who like paper (and a Kindle version of the print volume as well). Stay tuned…


  1. Thanks! But you can offer the Kindle version just as you do the PDF, i.e., without charging for it via Amazon.

    I assume you don’t actually want to charge for the Kindle version if you can avoid it, since you set the price so low.

    If you just need PDF’s converted to AZW, any Kindle owner can do that for free. I can do that for you, if you like.

    • George, we already offer the .DOC files for free; Kindle owners are free to use that if they like. Those who don’t want to use the Amazon Kindle version have other alternatives. I think we have enough formats proliferating for now–PDF, .DOC, Kindle on Amazon, and Audio. Thanks– Stephan

  2. Maybe you misunderstood me. All I’m saying is you can offer the Kindle version for free in exactly the same way you offer the other formats – if that is what you want to do (seemed like it).

    Anyway, thanks again, I grabbed all the PDFs, converted them for free to AZW and look forward to reading them on my Kindle ASAP! 🙂

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