Help Libertarian Papers Audio Pick Our Bumper Music

As mentioned earlier, Libertarian Papers is arranging for volunteer narrators to help us bring out audio versions of our articles. We are searching for some bumper music to use to briefly introduce our Audio Articles. What we want is something satisfying the following criteria:

  • it should be public domain (e.g. from this site);
  • we need a something from which a very short clip (say, 5-10 seconds) can be taken;
  • in keeping with our understated, classical theme and banner, preferably classical, elegant, uplifting, even simple (say piano or guitar), and classy (I also personally love the sound clip that introduces the Slate Political Gabfest).

Anyone with good suggestions should post in the comments or contact us.


  1. Baroque Guitar says:

    I highly recommend solo baroque guitar. Segovia would be best, but I doubt any of his stuff is in the public domain. However, I did find a suitable clip on The first twenty seconds are good. After that, things start to break down a little. The piece is understated and elegant and would serve as a perfect symbol for the natural harmony of the market (as depicted in Canaletto’s “Piazza San Marco”).

    Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring:

    Recorded by:

  2. Baroque Guitar says:

    The beginning of this track, though subtle, has a lot of tension and intensity, so it could serve as a symbol of intellectual battle. The first 30 seconds are usable:


    Recorded by Dylly:

  3. Baroque Guitar says:

    These two tracks aren’t bad, although they wouldn’t be my first choice. The recording quality seems good.

    Recorded by Two Violins:

  4. Baroque Guitar–wow, great suggestions. Of those, I think I like Jesu best, and La Rejuisance next. Asturias I like, but the recording seems to be too low. Keep ’em coming!

  5. Baroque Guitar says:

    Sorry, but the guy mislabeled his own recording:

    “Jesu” is actually Bach’s Suite for solo cello No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007 Prelude.

    I found some gorgeous recordings of it on youtube (had to listen to dozens of recordings to find these gems). I’ll leave it to the expert to figure out their legal status.







  6. This is very good, I dont know the player but is no-copyright for sure. And not exactly classical but not pop or rock or else.

    And with a nice video you all know:

    By the way if you know the player please let me know, I really like the song.

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