Audio Versions of Libertarian Papers Articles

We would like to post audio versions of our articles, and need volunteers to do this. Those interested in doing this, and who have the technical capability and ability to submit good quality MP3 readings of articles, should contact us.


  1. I’d be interested in doing this. Have you found anyone to perform this service for you?

  2. I am interested in volunteering some of my time for this, but I (and likely: many others) would like to see a few small things on this site, namely:

    2 suggestions:

    If you could offer some suggestions for open-source free-ware to record mp3 (or other) audio files for your site, (if my view is at all indicative of others’) I think you would get many more contributors.

    If you could offer a rating system for your audio, (perhaps similar to other media sites) that ight make this more user friendly if/when you get more traffic and contributions on here.

    thank you

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