11. “Inchoate Crime, Accessories, and Constructive Malice in Libertarian Law.”

10. “Credit Default Swaps, Contract Theory, Public Debt, and Fiat Money Regimes: Comment on Polleit and Mariano.”

9. “Liberty, Property, and Welfare Rights: Brettschneider’s Argument.”

8. “Book Review: Anthony Gregory, The Power of Habeas Corpus in America

7. “The Lender of Last Resort: A Comparative Analysis of Central Banking and Fractional-Reserve Free Banking.”

6. “Abortion, Libertarianism, and Evictionism: A Last Word.”

5. “The Dao Against the Tyrant: The Limitation of Power in the Political Thought of Ancient China.”

4. “Klein and Clark are Mistaken on Direct, Indirect, and Overall Liberty.”

3. “Countering Walter Block’s “Heroic” Private Counterfeiter.”

2. “A Critique of Lester’s Account of Liberty.”

1. “Law and Intellectual Property in a Stateless Society”